Updates (!)


I go on hiatus a lot, don’t I? If I am the queen of anything it’s inconsistency with my writing habits and schedule. Both the will and want are there to do better and be better yet I always fail and fall behind. In an effort once again to try, I have cleaned up my blog. I have minimized and reorganized the categories and removed Google Ads. The reason for this is that when I’m reading a blog, there’s nothing I hate more than excessive ads, some of which I end up clicking on my accident due to a slow load.

Granted, I did not have nearly that many ads on my blog, I don’t want to have any. I will be keeping any affiliate links for products that I have promoted in the past but there will be no more advertisements for stuff not pertaining to the blog post itself. Hurray!

I have also made the painful decision of offering up my work for free in the hopes of gaining a solid readership. While I have a few short stories posted on Amazon.com, I will be posting other works on here, chapter by chapter, with an option to purchase at the end.

I’m hoping that these improvements will help with my involvement in my own personal development of the craft and further me on my writing journey. In other words, dear readers, I need you.

Thank you!



Welcome back to Regina Bethory’s blog – Be Free! It’s been a long hiatus but I’m back. I’ve got a consistent set of blog posts scheduled to be published every Monday and Thursday. The posts will focus on three main topics- writing, minimalism and travel. Some posts will touch on a combination of all three.

Thank you to all those who have subscribed to my blog. Thank you for being patient with me.

Now, go- be free!