Guest Posting and Editing Services

Guest Posting

If you are interested in having one of your posts featured on this site, please contact me here. I will provide a disclaimer, as done in other guest posts on my site, giving credit to who wrote the article as well as where it was originally published if it has been published anywhere before.


I do offer professional editing services for several different types of projects. After reading the information provided below, if you would like to receive a quote or have any questions, please visit my Contact Page and fill in the form provided. Prices are negotiable.

Services I Provide

I provide both proofreading and copy editing services. What’s the difference?


If I am proofreading (or “proofing”) a document, it is in its final draft. At this point, the piece has already been edited and just needs a final read through. This includes checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is one of my favorite things to do. Is that sad? Not only does it include checking for grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation but I also check the following: -Consistencies in spelling, capitalization, font usage and numerals. (Ex. On the first page you typed co-dependent and on the ninth page you typed codependent.) -Continuity errors, loose ends tied. (This mostly applies to fiction and academic papers.) -Legal liability. I’m here to help ensure you’re not starting trouble! -Consistencies in story line, tense and point of view. (Again, this mostly applies to fiction but may be applicable in other circumstances.)

Things I Do Not Provide

I will not perform research. That is the responsibility of the client. If you’re writing your senior thesis on the Black Plague (like I did) then you are responsible for finding your own information. This is also not a “ghost-writing” service. I do not write papers, letters or stories for people. I only edit.

What Type of Projects Will I Edit?

I mostly stick to non-fiction. Here is a list of projects I am open to. If your project is not listed below, or if it’s fiction, feel free to contact me and inquire.

Non-Fiction Projects

-Resumes, Pamphlets, Brochures and Cover Letters ($10)
-PowerPoint Presentations ($10)
-Letters of Recommendation (or Complaint) ($15)
-Blog Posts or News Articles under 5,000 words ($15) Above 5,000 words ($20)
-Academic Papers under 10,000 words ($20) Above 10,000 word ($45)
-Complete Newsletters, Newspapers or Periodicals ($65)
-Non-fiction e-books ($100-$2,000) *This is based on length. Some e-books on Amazon are only 2,000 words. Others are 50,000 words plus… this also includes proper formatting for uploading to Amazon Kindle or Smashwords. Please feel free to inquire by visiting my Contact Page.


All payments will be conducted through PayPal. I will not begin work on a project until payment is received. Due to the time it takes to edit a project (time is a non-refundable resource) all payments will be non-refundable until further notice. I do not charge by the hour because I feel that is unfair to the client. I will never milk a project for more money, it is always a flat fee. For further information, please contact me. Please allow up to 48 hours for me to get back to you. If you have not heard from me after 48 hours, please re-submit your inquiry in case your message has gotten lost in the craziness of my inbox.


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