Announcement: This Blog is Closing

Good evening, readers. I am writing this post to announce… you guessed it… the closure of this blog. I will be moving all of my old posts as well as any future posts to a site called “Vocal.” Not only will this provide a free platform for me to share my writing, it will also allow me to write on a plethora of other topics without being locked into one and be paid for my work.

The posts on this blog will remain up for some time.

On Vocal, I have decided to forego the pseudonym and use my real name so please don’t be alarmed if you search for Regina Bethory and it turns up nothing in the search. The pen name I felt was necessary at a time. If anything, it has provided a safe place for me to fail and learn from my mistakes.

While I am currently in the process of transferring posts and having them reviewed and approved, please know that I will be writing under S.E. Gregory.

I hope to see you all on the other side!

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