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On Poetry (1)

Once again, I have waited until the last minute to update my blog but in an effort to successfully complete my challenge, I am posting a short piece on poetry. After all, I’m over halfway through the challenge and giving up now just isn’t an option for me and my stubborn mind.

I have both loved and hated poetry. I’m not very good at it, in my own opinion. I also don’t read much of it and the pieces I’m about to share with you were written over ten years ago. Perhaps, in the future I will get back into the craft of poetry and acquire a deeper understanding of it. For now, I hope that they will provide some source of inspiration or entertainment. Please enjoy these tiny morsels.


The Fell Tower

whithered and weathered, broke and barren
carved and cracked
the ruined tower stands tall
beneath the burning light of the rising moon

the ravens crow, the wolves howl
the cats shriek

the wind screams, the trees whisper
the leaves rustle
the dark tower stands quiet
beneath the cold light of the moon

the wind pounds, the rain beats
the lightening crashes

the owls sing, the dead serenade
the chains rattle
the old tower crumbles quickly
beneath the dull light of the falling moon

Into the Labyrinth

I have strayed into the Labyrinth,
I am lost inside my mind,
There’s no turning back, there’s no getting out,
I’m stuck here for all time.

The puzzle that will never be solved,
Running through broken corridors as the world revolves,

No matter where I wonder or roam,
The Labyrinth is my new home,
Back to the start or towards the end,
Through the bending halls without a friend.


Long has the jungle been overgrown with beauty.

As a cool heat was felt through the bamboo,

thunder could be heard dimly in the distance

and the storm faded away. Soft rain still trickled

lightly enough so that the small stream under the hill

could faintly be heard. Little droplets slid off

of the dense emerald leaves into the rich, silky ground

then ran off into a small stream through the jungle.

The creatures soon came out of their hiding

while birds sang and frogs croaked. Soon enough

the sun tried its best once again to light the stage

under the thick canopy releasing the sweet aroma

of the jungle rain. The life after the storm has now returned.

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